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If you love our candles, then this is for you! For a short time all our 4oz tins are only $7.00.

After you selected how many candles you would like, at checkout in the shipping notes, let us know what scents you would like.

1.Dakota Home – Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Clove Leaf with notes of Eucalyptus & Rose buds and a touch of Ylang.

2.Beach House – Tropical blend of Strawberries, Coconut & Cherry with mid-notes of Banana peel, berries, tropical flowers, Tonka Bean & Sugar.

3.Mangrove Tunnels – Clove & Bamboo Leaf, Jasmine, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Sugar, Oak Moss & Teak with Magnolia & Lemon.

4.Lincoln County Apple Cinnamon – Top notes of Apple, Peach & Bergamot blended with Clove, Cinnamon & Eucalyptus, with a touch of Balsam and Tonka Bean.

5.Midwest Morning Hazelnut Coffee – Full bodied and rich, with fresh roasted Hazelnuts and a touch of cream.

6.Sherman Drive Pumpkin – Pumpkin with touches of Cherry & Mimosa, paired with Nutmeg, Clove, & Cinnamon, topped with Caramel, Brown Sugar & Vanilla.

7.Old Orchard Cider – Apples, Oranges & Red berries on a bed of Cinnamon, Clove & Hawthorne, and base notes of Vanilla & Musk.

8.Plum Creek Christmas – A unique blend of Juniper, Cinnamon, Clove & Nutmeg with sweet musky undertones.

9.Winter’s Eve – Forest Pine, Clove, Tonka Bean with a fruity blend of Orange, Raspberry, Apple & Camphor.

10.Tis The Season – Cranberry, Peppermint, Peach, Wild berries, blended with Violet Leaves and Clove with undertones of Tonka Bean & Vanilla.

11.Southern Charm – Cinnamon, Agave Nectar, Fig & Jasmine with French Lavender and a base of Cypress, Sandalwood & Cassia Root.

12.Magnolia Summer – A blend of light Magnolia florals, with a touch of Lemon, Ylang & Musk.

13. Manitou Trails – Canadian Fir, Eucalyptus & Patchouli with hints of Lemon, Apple, & Mint, creating a woodsy warmth.

14.Mai Tai Sunset – Pineapple & Passion Fruit, with touches of Peach, Citrus, & Black Cherries for a unique twist to a popular cocktail.

15.Hero – A warm blend of leather, black currant, and Oak moss.

16.Vanilla Cream – A sweet mixture of Vanilla, Clove, Cream & Cinnamon.

17.Aqua Bay – Citrus notes enhanced by a hit of Mint, Lavender & Coriander on a base of Sandalwood.

18.Amaretto – With hints of Tonka Bean, Cherry, Vanilla, and Violet leaves.

19.Balsam & Cedar – Beautiful Balsam Fir with a touch of Lemon and Mint on a Cedar base.

20.Ladies Night – Fruity notes blended with Jasmine, Lily of the Valley & Lavender, with woody-Earthy undertones.

21.Siesta Sandalwood – A woodsy blend of mint and florals on a bed of Patchouli, Amber, & Sandalwood.

22.Bird Key Spring – A medley of tropical fruits with Peaches, Pineapple, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Melons and Apples.

23.Jungle Garden Bamboo – A balanced blend of Citrus, Rose, Lily & Verbena on a musky Bamboo foundation.

24.Fall Fest – Citrus blended with Cinnamon, Apple, Rose & Clove, on a bed of Raspberry, Peach, & Sugared Vanilla.

25.Bellini Sundays – A balanced blend of Peach, Orange & Mandarin.

26.CinnaBall – Cinnamon Stick, Cinnamon Leaf & Cinnamon Spice making for a shot of fire!

27.Pina Colada – Pineapple, Coconut & Orange shaken to perfection on a Vanilla & Sugar base.

28.Madras Cocktail – Orange, Cranberry & Mandarin with touches of Mango & Strawberry.

29.Midnight Merlot – Merlot Grapes with hints of Strawberry, Citrus peel & Cherry on a Cinnamon Rose bed.

30.Bluegrass Bourbon – Masculine, with Citrus notes on a woody base and Earthy musky bottom notes.

31.Sweet Cabernet – Red berries on wild green vines & rose nectar on a dry Vanilla base.

32.Chardonnay – White Vine with touches of Pineapple, Bergamot, Roses & Lilies.

33.Lemon Drop – Lemon juice with a touch of cream & sugar.

34. Campfire – A smoky Birch & Cedar with touches of Clove, Balsam Fir, and a hint of Orange & Raspberry.

35. Valley Blueberry – A seasonal blend of Blueberries, Prunes, and Bergamot with touches of Cinnamon & Vanilla.

36. Lawn Boy – As simple as it sounds! Reminiscent of that freshly cut lawn on a warm summer day!

37. Eastern Herb – A beautiful blend of herbs & spices, with touches of natural greens on a light citrus bed.

38. Caramel Delight – The warmth of sweet buttery caramel over a bed of Almond, Maple sugar, Cinnamon & Vanilla.

39. Classic Cashmere – Sandalwood, Vanilla & Patchouli creating a musky fragrance, with a touch of Lime & Mandarin.

40. St. Armands Sunrise – Reminiscent of that warm tropical afternoon with Bird of Paradise in full bloom.

41. Georgia Jasmine – Light Jasmine with touches of Bergamot, Lemon & Rose.

42. Oatmeal Raisin – Need we say more? Someone is baking this classic!

43. Patchouli Paradise – Patchouli leaves with notes of Clove and Orange on a floral and Cedar base.

44. Black Forest – A refreshing blend of Northern Pines. Blends of Fir, Hemlock, Balsam, Tonka, & Vanilla.

45. Bishop Rose Garden – Enjoy these freshly picked Roses, with hints of Violet & Geranium.

46. Western Way - A masculine blend of Bergamot, Sea Salt, Citrus & Amber Wood on a bed of Cedar.

47. Old English Ivy – Florals with hints of Ivy greens.

48. Morning On The Bay – The crisp morning air with Orange and greens, & touches of Jasmine, Orchid & Vanilla on musky Sandalwood.

49. Dark Leather – This leathery bouquet blend is unique and satisfying on every level.

50. Cucumber Melon – A blend of Cucumber, Bergamot & Melon with touches of Jasmine and Berries.

51. Pearberry – A fresh fruity mix of Pears and Berry varieties with floral undertones.

52. Island Rain – A refreshing blend of Bergamot, Watermelon, Jasmine & Geranium on a base of Patchouli and light fruits.

53. Grandpa’s Garden – Tomato leaves and stem with touches of lemon zest and Jasmine.

54. Tropical Fusion – Pineapple, Apple, Banana & Palm Wood.

55. Ship Watch – A mysterious blend of citrus and herbs with hints of Lavender, Violet and Cedar on a Pine Moss base.

56. Gulf Waves – Nectarine, Thyme, Lavender on a Balsam and Vanilla base with water hyacinth.

57. Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie – Just like the fruity summertime blend enjoyed on that hot July day.

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