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Falls Candle Co

The Falls Candle Co. is a family-owned company founded by Matt Leedom in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which still serves as the company’s manufacturing and distribution hub.

Growing up in what he calls the “home of a candle lover”, Matt’s love and familiarity of candles continued into adulthood. He even confesses to being evicted from his first apartment for burning candles against property policy! Eventually, Matt began crafting candles for himself to save a few bucks, as he was raising his two sons while working in sales. His love for candling evolved into a passion, and the Falls Candle Co. was born!

Over the hundreds of hours spent blending oils and wax, testing wicks and containers, Matt perfected his craft, and his line of scents quickly grew to over sixty, with five different containers to choose from. Today, the company continues to evolve as their June 2021 launch will add an additional eighteen scents and includes a full wood wick line.

Matt believes in more than just the simple idea of adding his candle scents to homes and businesses for enjoyment; it is a heartfelt passion best explained by Leedom himself. “We don’t just freshen up homes and businesses with our candles. We connect people. We connect people to places. We connect people to moments. A moment in a jar, capable of taking you to a place from years ago; places you love or places you miss. I want our customers to burn our candles and fall into a moment; to fall in love.”

Our Mission

The Falls Candle Co. prides itself in focusing on the health and safety of their customers, while crafting only the finest soy blend candles from products proudly made in the USA. What you burn is what you breathe, and our ingredients make all the difference!

You will not find our formulations in any of our competitors, as we don’t include the chemical additives the others use which may be harmful or banned. We have spent years perfecting our proprietary blends of essential oils and soy wax, created in a safe and comfortable work environment by people you can trust.

Cleaner burning, longer lasting, with scents blended to perfection. We are the Falls Candle Co.